USA Bread Basket, Well Water In Large Under Water Lake Drying Up; Divert 10% Of Mississippi R. In Spring Time?

The Under-Water Lake is an Empty Cavern, under the Midwest Bread Basket, it is TERMINAL…
Can the Mississippi River be diverted by 10% in the Spring Floods, to this Multi-State Tavern-Lake?
1.) Million/Billions of Property Damage and The Saving of Innocent Victums of Drownning Would Be Prevented. Reduced flooding of Multi-States Areas.

2.) The Federal Government can create an ” Agency For FLOOD CONTROL”.
(measures the water going into cavern, verses measure of water coming out in Water Wells.)

3.) The cost of the project: payed by small revenue collected from export duties on produce.

4.) The benefits are enormous in employment, in management etc.

5.) How? The same machinary that tunnels through mountains, aim it down-slope to tavern.

6.) Where? Somewhere, north of De Moines, Iowa.

Sorry, the problem is to large, for any other problem solving; That may, at its best, change hardly
nothing. Letting the problem continue, is already real, to fail is to serious of a consequence.
(No Attention to this problem, is like what happened to the banking, health, Insurance, etc. systems.) We Wait To Long, on politicians in Washington, whose motives are re-elections, and not the concern for the nation, The bread basket water, waits on no one, TERMINAL as is!
We the people need a Hero, can you make it, your priorty?
Perhaps, the Misouri River would lend itself better for this purpose. It lays closer to the underwater lake.
jemhash-Thank You for caring for good old USA’s Bread Basket to the world, from Australia. This large rivers get their source from winter snow & mountains, Devert 10% during Spring only. Jack A Much thanks to you, too.
I say,”Empty of water, water” not of the porous sponge, which I hope and expect to revert to spongging water again when refed. Even design a broad intake to facilitate the intake rate. Most grateful for your input, so far you’re the closest
to believeing and it shall be done. Where is that person, now, “Yes, We Can?” NASA, you’re not more interesting in solving Mars problems than in us are you? But you’re the one that found the cavern in the first place? Yes?


  • The question is where does the water come from that causes the flooding? If it comes from lowland precipitation the cost would be prohibitive.
    We, in Australia, diverted the waters from a short swift flowing river (the Snowy River)from flowing east to flow west and feed into the Murry and the arid inland. The head waters of Snowy are in the mountains as are the head waters of the Murray. No big deal. You have a problem with the source of the water though.

  • I don’t think tackling a problem like that would be as simple as you suggest. I understand the aquifer under the mid-west is more like a huge porous sponge than a cavern like Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. I guess It would be possible to drill reverse wells, build reservoirs and and channels from the rivers to pump water back into the aquifer. Good idea, but this is the first I’ve heard of the ‘empty’ aquifer. Maybe the government will do something before we have another dust bowl.

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