can somebody recommend a hard money loan company?


My credit is not good I have two houses, one of them without mortgage. The banks denied me, and I need money to fix my problems. Without help I will lose everything. Can somebody recommend me any hard money loan company? I know their rates are high. Thanks. I live in the NJ NY area.

  1. Anonymous February 15, 2014
    Just google: How can I get scammed online by an online loan scammer. You can also believe the scammers that will answer you here later on with their scam sites.Sell the house. Not sure why people want to hang on to property. Very common to see people lose it all, because they don't want to let go. Get a realtor, price it right and sell it.
  2. Anonymous February 15, 2014
    Call Rob at Rock East Group. 917 687 6569

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