Is there any way to make a fluorescent light in my kitchen a little more attractive and less industrial?

In the center of my kitchen ceiling, there is a fluorescent light. The guts of the light are up into the ceiling, and the actual screen for it is flush with the ceiling. We just bought this house — would never have chosen this lighting ourselves, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to dress it up or make it look pretty? It’s very bright, and not only that, but it’s ugly. Are there decorative covers for these or anything? It’s not a full-size light like you’d see in an office, it’s only about 1 foot by 2 feet.



  • Tissue paper. Decopages to the out side. you can make it look like stain glass with different colors or simple soft hand made organic papers. Check out the hobby shops.

  • Fluorescent lights don’t burn very hot so.. What about having you or your hubby. Build a square (or rectangle) box to mount around it. This box could not be permanent, because if the light needed to changed. You would need access to the tube.
    -Screw “L” brackets to the ceiling to hold it up. The 1-2 would need to taken out if/when the light needed to be changed.
    -Change the light before doing this too, so you wont need to for a long time.
    -If the brightness is a problem use some colored tissue paper or colored plastic inside the lens cover. Or on the outside after you build the new fixture.

    Good Luck

  • ok i am an electrician and for a starters i would say don’t box it out because you will loose too much light. option 1 is to delete the light and patch it up putting a new light/lights within or on the ceiling (best option but costs the most), option 2 is to get some glass cut for it (opaque) and create a small surround to keep it up there. option 3 is candles. ps get an electrician .

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