Is it o’k to just move off and leave your home that you have financed? just decide not to pay on it anymore.


  • no, its best you don’t because then your going to mess up your credit and be really screwed. Also it will some how, some way catch up to you. Its the bank they are powerful people. good luck!

  • You can do that, however it will have a toll on your credit, I would also call the bank and tell them that you are no longer able to pay, as with the economy and housing market at the moment they may make you some kind of deal. Another option you have is to check for people in your area that advertise that they buy houses. They will then assume your mortgage paymentsand perhaps even send you some $ $ each month while they rent your home out. Also keep in mind that it could take months for a foreclosure to occur, so all that time you will get to live rent andmortgage free, if that is what you choose to do at least make it work to your advantage. Good luck!

  • It will screw up your credit and if the bank sells the house for less than you owe plus the repo costs they will come after you for that. Better to sell it on your own. But many people are too lazy and irresponsible to do that.

  • that’s tough one actullay you ought to hav dual approch its kind a cost-benefit first u must analyse what if u leave and what if u keep ?
    so with comparing these 2 featurs u can reach out a great answer no one can tell u would it be ok or not.u your self considering ure situvation and conditions can distinguish.
    best regards

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