I wan to be an airline pilot.my financial condition is poor.can i get bank loans without mortgage?reply fast?

i am from india.i want to be an airline pilot.but my financial condition is poor,i have no mortgages for bank loan.i have searched for sponsorship programme but no one suits me.i dont want to go through military or airforce.please help me faster.which flying club help me for bank loans without mortgages?waiting for your reply.can i borrow money from any person? or any organisation?

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  • do you want to study in india or in us ?

    there are many small schools that teach pilots. google flying schools you’ll git a million hits. you have book work / time with instructor and a solo flight to get license for small engines. the issue is who will you work for ?

    mortgage is not related to your school loan.

    the flight schools can tell you what financial assistance / grants / loans that are available.

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