okay i have to do a research paper on the compare and contrast todays economy and the great depression?

okay this is what it asks ….

are we heading for troubling time like that of the depression era? coompare and contrast the great depression with aspects of our economy today. address the state of the economy in both, reasons for the shape of each, and results of them, as well as how the problems were/are being faced

okay i need everything you can find and what websites to support it and can i express my own opionion in a research paper and the best place to put it and anything else you can tell me thank you

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  1. lexiegirl619, April 10, 2014 11:12 am - okay i have to do a research paper on the compare and contrast todays economy and the great depression?

    Are we headed for financial turmoil absolutely. You need to fundamentally understand the difference though- at that time a run on the bank meant just that people went to the bank to get their money and banks ran out because they loaned some of the money and used some to stay in business- there was no deposit insurance protection as such provided today through the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Company) – now try to guess why the FDIC exists- the one mistake that actually had some learning associated to it.

    Are we going to end up with Hoovervilles everywhere- it is starting to look closer to it- there are paupers homes springing up in my area (279 a month no thrills no frills but a roof and 4 walls)

    Economically at that time the market and securitites of investments fell- people ran on the banks to get money. In contrast we are seeing this in wall street and people selling out of housing backed securities and hedge funds running dry from bad portfolios and loss of investors.

    I doubt we will get as bad as it was then but we will likely mirror image a number of issues that were faced- unemployment, under-employment, etc…

    This time we have government trying to stop the crisis before it goes too far- at that time government could only respond once doom had set in. Are we seeling formerly self-employed people selling off things and walking away from self-employment and debt- everyday.

    This crisis should never get to the magnitude because our economy is more globalized with the internet and the FOREX (foreign currency exchange)

    www.ml-implode.com will tell you how many banks have dropped or lessened their mortgage platforms

    www.hf-implode will tell you how many hedge funds like bear sterns have folded or sold out

    Think Countrywide sold it shares to Bank of America for about $ .18 per share- this is not a sign of a booming economy but the banks are building their strength.

    Do a side by side comparison and you will see we repeated alot of the same mistakes- this time we have the graces of having deposits insured. www.fdic.gov

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